Silver Sophistication

Silver plants are a beautiful and sophisticated addition to your garden. Here we look at a few great options to the Australian climate, many of them being native.

In your garden silver plants can create drama with bold contrast against the darker tones. Or for a more laid-back luxe look use silver plants with a cool and gentle colour palette of greys, purples, whites and blues.

How to choose!? Consider the size of plant you need for your space and how the texture of the plant will bring interest into your garden bed. There is a silver plant out there to do the job!

An added benefit – Plants of the silver variety are often tough and love our climate in Sydney. They are covered in light hairs and this gives them that silver look in some light. These hairs are an adaptation that helps reduce transpiration (water loss) by creating a boundary layer of still air around the plant, giving these plants a chance to thrive in hot, dry climates.

Here are a few of our favourite silver plants.