Sea Lavender, a great choice for Sydney gardens.

These lovely purple numbers are all around Sydney gardens! The Sea Lavender. It’s actually not lavender as we know it, coming from an entirely different family called the Plumbaginaceae.

Sea Lavender fits in so well amongst our native plants that you might think Sea Lavender is native to our Sydney Gardens. it fits in really well Don’t let its delicate papery flowers fool you, it’s a hardy perennial that loves our windy, sunny coastal gardens.

The delicate bright purple flower which changes through to include white as the flower ages looks great in a garden, pot, or vase. This one will attract butterflies to your garden.

Stylistically it’s pretty versatile as well. Sea Lavenders look at home outside white cottages with picket fences as well as in modern gardens. They can even be seen growing on the side of the road around the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney!

If you happen to like drying flowers, Sea Lavender dries exceptionally well.

We’d recommend this plant for many gardens for its durability, colour and easy care nature.

The Basics

Requires little water once established.

Suitable for areas of full sun and partly shady.

Grows all year, and flowers November to May.

Works well in the ground as well as in a pot.

Grows to 30-40cm wide, and 45-65cm high.

Perennial plant.

Flowers not cut for your vases should be trimmed back, allowing the plant to seed may shorten its life.

Propagate from seed, root cuttings, or by division.

A family garden in inner west Sydney with sea lavender
Sea Lavender features in this sunny rooftop garden in Randwick