Plant of the Month – May

The Hosta

The beloved Hosta. Loved for their bounty of lush foliage and their neat clumping form. These beauties come in all shades of green, blue-green, golden, cream and variegated varieties.

Known as a shade-loving perennial, and depending on the variety of Hosta you have, they will need different levels of light. The lighter the leaves the brighter the sun! Having said this, no Hosta is going to handle a full sun position.

Hostas like a bed of rich fertile soil with good drainage while being kept moist, not wet, while establishing. Don’t be afraid if the leaves die back over winter. Hosta plants go through a period of dormancy over winter and bounce back in Spring. Give them a feed to encourage new growth in spring.

Now gardeners aren’t the only ones that take shine to the lovely Hosta; slugs find them quite attractive too – to dine on! Growing Hostas in pots can help control the slimy snackers. Otherwise, it’s a good excuse to get out into the garden at night. Slugs and snails are most active at night. Gloves and or tweezers are recommended and a bucket of soapy water.

Back to Hostas though – beautiful plant.