Plant of the Month – June

Anemone x hybrida

The lingering presence of Anemone x hybrida, Japanese Windflower brings with it memories of Summer and the bud of hope that spring will come again. The Sydney winter has settled in. It’s cold and there has been more rain than we know what to do with, though we’re hoping it is topping up the dams! In these times flowers in the garden are precious things; catching the silver winter light, swaying in the icy breeze.

Anemone x hybrid has poetry about it. Dainty; slightly wild, their slender stems reach up from the earth, up to 1.2m. Their pretty golden faces framed by pure white (or pink!) petals, glow in the dappled shade of your garden. A wonderful show in autumn, flowers will appear in summer to early winter.

Don’t be fooled by their gentle looks, if left to their own devices, their underground stolons can spread like a cold in a classroom.  If during winter their foliage is beginning to look tatty, they can be cut back to the ground. If you plant them in humus-rich, moist soil with good drainage, they will reward you by being otherwise easy in the garden.